How Quality Content Can Improve the Visibility of Your Corporate Blog

In this day and age, businesses have plenty of marketing options at their disposal when looking to make their brands more visible. We are talking about a wide variety of different strategies, tactics, and channels you can use to get your business in front of the eyes of your target audience. One of the most effective tactics is content marketing, and especially blogging. Blogging can enable your company to reap numerous benefits, such as increased traffic, high-quality backlinks, higher search engine ranking, and it can enable you to create more leads and sales.

And the numbers tell the same story. For instance, 61% of consumers have said that they have made a purchase based on a blog post they have read. Quality content can not only boost your SEO and visibility, but it can also establish you as a respected resource in your niche, which in turn influences buyers’ decisions. Another statistic which demonstrates the value for blogging is the fact that companies who blog receive 97% more inbound links to their website.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how creating great content can boost the visibility of your corporate blog.

  1. It Generates Traffic

While there are plenty of paid marketing methods you can use both offline and online, all of those will only produce short-term results. Writing good content, in combination with SEO, does require you to put in more effort, but it is the best option for your corporate blog in the long run. Optimizing for the majority of keywords which are relevant to your niche will expose your blog to your target audience, and great content will help you score higher ranking inside search engine queries. Both keywords and content, along with backlinks, are among the three most important ranking signals Google looks at.

According to Jack Monroe, high-quality content also provides value and answers questions your audience might have, which helps establish your corporate blog as a resource of authority in the industry. Those visitors which are looking for answers represent qualified traffic, meaning that they are ready to become your customers.

  1. It Creates More Inbound Links

We have already mentioned that backlinks are an important ranking factor. But, there are numerous other benefits. For example, when you reach out to an established blog in your niche and secure a guest post with them, you can look forward to increased exposure. How so? Well, since you are looking to publish a piece on an authority blog, you will be exposed to their audience, and you will also be able to link back to your website, blog, or one of your landing pages.

All of this is possible, of course, in case you have made the effort to create an outstanding piece of content which provides users with information that is both useful and relevant. As a result of increased traffic and newly created inbound links, your blog will be ranked higher, and that creates a positive feedback loop.

  1. It Helps Your Blog Maintain Its Ranking

While SEO does produce great results, all of your SEO efforts can be diminished with every algorithm change. For example, less than 5 years ago, keyword stuffing was a practice which was somewhat effective, at least until Google decided to tweak its algorithm. Now, in some cases, your ranking might not be affected at all, or your blog may disappear from the map altogether. We know it doesn’t seem fair, but if you decide to make content marketing, and especially blogging, a continuous effort, you can rest assured that your ranking will “stick”.

This where cornerstone content of your blog comes in. What is cornerstone conte, you may ask? Well, it includes all of your best posts, and content which you want to rank high in the search engines. That is usually your evergreen content and long, in-depth pillar posts which remain relevant after a long period of time, such as how-to articles, tutorials, instructions, guides, and so on.

  1. It Keeps Your Readers on Your Blog

One of the ranking signals Google takes into account is your website’s or blog’s bounce rate, which represents the percentage of visitors which visit your website once and never come back. Now, there are plenty of reasons why they might do that, ranging from slow loading times to annoying pop-ups and ads. However, poor content tends to be one of the main culprits. Now, we aren’t just talking about the quality, but also the layout and formatting of your content.

Today, you only have a few seconds to grab your audience’s attention, seeing as they prefer to scan blog posts first as opposed to reading them. If your articles feature huge blocks of text, fonts which are too small or unreadable, or if they feature generic or no visuals at all, then it’s no wonder why they are leaving, especially if they are using their mobile devices to consume your content. But, if your content is top-notch both in terms of looks and quality, readers won’t be able to get enough of it and they will read your other articles, especially of you insert some internal links for good measure.

  1. It Helps You Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Great content is not just effective when it comes to your blog or website, but also your social media profiles. Seeing as most of your potential customers are already on social media, it makes perfect sense for your company to cultivate an active social media presence. Now, deciding which social networks are relevant for your business depends on its nature, as well as your industry, target audience age, their income and interests, and so on. Posting quality content on social media will engage your audience, and they will like, share, and comment on your posts, which will spread awareness about your brand or business.

But, you can also use all that social media clout to drive traffic to your blog by posting links to your article every time you publish them. That way, you will be able to get most of that audience that is interacting with your content on social media and direct them to your corporate blog, where they will be able to find even more useful content. .

  1. It Allows You to Build Internal Links

Building high-quality inbound links is not your only strategy for getting people to consume content on your blog. We’ve already mentioned internal links a bit earlier in this article. Basically, they are links inside your blog posts which link to your other blog posts, which will keep your readers hanging around your blog for much longer and exploring your content even further. Also, internal links have SEO value. How so? Well, Google will crawl your blog and following all the links on it in order to establish a relationship between different posts.

Once it does that, it will have an easier job determining which pages or posts are covering similar topics. On top of that, there is something called link value. For instance, your homepage has the highest link value because of the largest number of backlinks. That value is then be shared between all the links. That link value is then passed on to the following page, and then the same process happens all over again on that page. That means that you can make sure that your latest blog post has the highest link value by linking to it directly from your homepage. And seeing as Google will come across links on your homepage first, it will be able to find your new content faster.

  1. It Can Take on Different Forms

Driving traffic to your blog by doing SEO and being active on social media are not your only options. In this day and age, your audience prefers to have multiple options at their disposal, which means they like to consume content in different forms. For example, some prefer to watch a video breaking down a complex concept or an idea as opposed to reading a blog post. Or they might be short on time, so they like to tune in to their favorite podcasts on their way to and from work. The same goes for webinars, social media, and so on.

How does this help your blog’s visibility? By being present on multiple platforms, you will have more opportunities to link back to your blog. For example, if you have produced a short explainer video for your YouTube channel, you can link to a more in-depth blog post covering the same topic inside the description, and you can also invite them to visit your blog from the video itself. Analyze your business and identify which mediums might work, and then craft quality content to grow your reach.

  1. It Can Be Used in Email Marketing Campaigns

As much as 50% of your leads are qualified, but not yet ready to make a purchase, which makes lead nurturing such a crucial activity. However, one of the main reasons why lead nurturing doesn’t produce the desired results for most marketers is because they don’t have the right kind of content, or they don’t use it properly. Now, this doesn’t mean you should email your readers the links to your latest blog posts, because that’s not going to work. They don’t really care about your blog, they care about what their problem and pain points.

So how do you nurture your leads in email marketing campaigns? You should analyze your audience’s pain points and round up all the blog posts which address them and use some of the content in your emails, and then invite the recipients to check out more of that content on your blog. Don’t forget to add a call to action at the end of those blog posts, so that your readers can convert.

Bonus Tip

One of the most effective ways to make your blog more visible would be to produce longform content. There are plenty of reasons why you need to do that. First of all, longform content allows you to dig deeper with your research and provide some truly valuable insights. Second, the  length of your longform posts allows you to target a larger number of relevant keywords. Third, it boosts your authority. Fourth, longform posts are usually evergreen, and will remain relevant over time, especially if you take the time to update them on a regular basis.

Final Word

It seems like no matter what happens in the world of SEO, marketing, and search engine algorithms, content is still king. And it will probably continue to reign for quite some time, since people will always be in need of high-quality content which can help them solve their problems. Make sure blog on a regular basis and produce outstanding content, because it’s one of the best ways to promote your business and generate leads. Good luck!

Author – Jack White

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